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heise online is one of the leading providers of German-language high-tech news. The combined expertise of c’t and iX, Technology Review and the network magazine Telepolis offers extensive service and the latest news. The editorial offices report 7 days a week on all events in the IT industry, on the scientific and political environment, on general high-tech topics as well as from research and science.

The media portal is our advertising offering to IT-savvy companies like yours. Here you can find out about online ads, content marketing products, services for lead generation and job advertisements – in many different formats, on all of our online channels and individually tailored to you.

Our products reach your target groups in a highly relevant, professionally experienced and widely read environment. Specialist journalists write articles for our content and lead products according to your specifications. We also take over the entire production, integration and promotion for you. Just tell us your goals – we would be happy to recommend suitable product packages and individual solutions!

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Buying experience, values, sustainability, recruiting and authenticity are increasingly coming into focus. In order not to get lost in the crowd and to attract the attention of your target group, you should not leave anything to chance when it comes to branding. With successful branding, your customers become your fans. This gives your brand value. And the more valuable a brand is, the better. With our reach and target group we support you!


Discuss your products/services with the heise online community and respond to your customers’ needs, questions or criticism. Your goal should be to build trust and interactive exchange with your customers. The heise online users deal intensively with your product and share their experiences afterwards. They are influencers for your topic. The content generated in this way is highly credible and can subsequently be used by you for your customers.


Good content, i.e. high-quality, neutral content, is the basis for achieving reach and presence in the online world today. It’s not for nothing that content is king. Interested users want to be informed, they want to be entertained and they want to be advised. Good content increases trust with customers and thus also reinforces and influences purchase decisions in a very tangible way. And in a positive way! We support you with qualified content to create a name for yourself and strengthen the emotional bond to the respective brand.

Employer Branding

Our job advertisements are among the most frequently viewed job offers in the IT sector. This way you can reach interesting specialists wherever they look first, possibly even before they start searching.


Our lead generation products contain substantial and exclusive information according to your specifications. This enables you to reach exactly the target groups you want to reach and generate exactly the leads you need.

Sales Push

To promote your company and your products in the best possible way and to fill your sales funnel, we offer you various target group-specific platforms. Whether software, apps or games, heise Download is one of the download portals with the widest reach. When it comes to hardware, TechStage supports heise online as a buyer advice site to place your product in the right B2C channel.

Target group targeting

Information is targeted to the heise community via predefined target group clusters. Minimisation of wastage through precise targeting of your display ads, advertorials or via our stand-alone newsletter. Our core segments are Cloud, Business, Developer, Recruiting, IT-Decision Maker, Industry, Security or IT-Consumer environments. In addition, we offer you B2B LeadGen via target account lists or the really big impact via Content Hub with individualised filters and target group sizes.

Traffic Push

Increase traffic to your homepage via various heise online channels. Whether in the editorial newsfeed or via social media, we offer you tailored communication with a high-quality B2B audience. In addition, we can help you push your event and place it in topic-relevant environments.

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