Selected users deal intensively with the product in a test lasting several weeks and then share their experiences.

The content generated in this way is highly credible and subsequently usable.

• Added value for users
• Gladly with docked raffle
• High credibility (users test for users)
• Test results are available as content
• High visibility, own site on heise online
• Complete handling by Heise
• Interactive solution off the beaten track

Possible procedure:

• Customer provides equipment & offers prize
• Promotion in relevant channels on heise online
• Social media component (application video) possible to create additional attention here
• Sifting of applicants & selection of testers
• Dispatch of the devices by Heise Business Services
• Follow-up by Heise Business Services
• Editing and publishing of the test results on heise online
• Selection of the winner(s)
• Further promotion draws attention to test results

Rate from 12,000 €

all rates plus VAT. Agency commission is granted