Audio ads are available as spots in all of our podcasts. You reach your target groups primarily in their leisure time in the medium with the highest growth rates at present.

c’t uplink#heiseshowkurzinformiert by heise onlinec’t Auslegungssache
Frequency of publicationevery Saturdayevery Thursdayevery weekdaybiweekly
Retrievals in the first
4 weeks
Length of the sequenceapprox. 60 min.approx. 60 min.approx. 2,20 min.approx. 60 min.
Length Integrationapprox. 30 sec.approx. 30 sec.approx. 30 sec.approx. 30 sec.
Integration2 spots2 spots1 spot2 spots
Production5,000 €4,000 €4,000 €
per week
1,500 €
MIT The PodcastApple-PodcastApfelfunkApfeltalk
Frequency of publication6 times per monthevery 2nd Thursdayevery Thursdayevery Monday
Retrievals in the first
4 weeks
Length of the sequenceapprox. 30-45 min.approx. 30 min.90-120 min.approx. 45 min.
Length Integrationapprox. 30 sec.approx. 30 sec.approx.
30 sec./1min.
30 sec./1 min.
Integration2 spots2 spots2 spots/native2 spots/native
Production2,000 €2,000 €3,000 €2,000 €
Bit-RauschenBesser Wissenheise meetsAI Update
Frequency of publicationevery 2nd Wednesdayevery Mondayevery 2nd Wednesdayevery weekday
Retrievals in the first
4 weeks
Length of the sequence30-45 min.40-60 min.25 min.Mon-Thur 10min.
Fri approx. 45 min.
Length Integrationapprox. 30 sec.approx. 30 sec.entire podcastapprox. 30 sec.
Integration2 spots2 spotsInterviewpartner1 spot
Production2,500 €1,500 €6,900 €3,500 €

Bundle rate c’t uplink and #heiseshow = 7,500 €
Bundle rate Apple-Podcast, Apfeltalk and Apfelfunk = 6,000 €


heise meets
Frequency of publicationevery 2nd Wednesday
Length of the sequence25 min.
Length Integrationentire podcast
Mention in the podcast
Rate per episode6,900 €

Advertising opportunities:
• An employee of your company will be the interview guest of the podcast; the questions are agreed in advance

• Suggested topics:
– General questions and suggestions about digitization
– Technology trends
– Hype topics broken down into actionable strategies

• Sponsor reference in the podcast descriptions on all platforms incl. link and short company description
• Exclusivity as sole sponsor of an episode!