The News Podcast

The most important news of the day compressed to 2 minutes is delivered by our weekday news podcast. If you use language assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can also hear or see the news there. Simply activate the Alexa skill or Google Assistant say: „Play heise Top“.


Information and assessments on the most important AI developments

How intelligent is artificial intelligence actually? What consequences does generative AI have for our work, our leisure time and society? In the „AI Update“ (a joint project of all Heise editorial teams), we bring you updates on the most important AI developments every weekday together with The Decoder. On Fridays, we shed light on the different aspects of the AI revolution with experts.


The weekly dose of tech news and web politics

Every Thursday at 12 noon the team from heise online talks live with guests about current technical developments and network policy. The #heiseshow will be presented alternately by Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee), Martin Holland (@fingolas) and Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri). For looking and listening you can follow the #heiseshow podcast.


The Podcast from Nerdistan

In the weekly podcast from Nerdistan, c’t editors talk in small groups about their topics from the current issue. We present results from current device and software tests, argue about new developments in the digital world and provide a look behind the scenes of tests and research. We also tell the stories behind the c’t articles and reveal the one or other detail that has not made it into the print version.


The Apple Podcast

Every month, Mac & i editors cover Apple products, operating systems and more, presenting test results and giving tips.