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c’t 3003 – Videos from Europe’s biggest tech newsroom

If you thought entertainment and serious tech journalism were mutually exclusive, you haven’t heard of c’t 3003 yet! In weekly YouTube videos, experienced video makers Jan-Keno Janssen and Johannes Börnsen highlight everything that comes under their wing – from the Raspberry Pi to smartphones to electric scooters: sometimes silly, but always technically sound. What sets c’t 3003 apart from other YouTube channels is the expertise of Europe’s largest tech editorial team: over 60 c’t editors support the channel with their know-how.

Package SPackage MPackage L
Frequency of publication:weekly, in general on Fridaysweekly, in general on Fridaysweekly, in general on Fridays
Retrievals in the first
4 weeks
Episode length:10-20 minutes10-20 minutes10-20 minutes
Youtube subscribers106,000106,000106,000
Playout channels:YoutubeYoutubeYoutube
Advertising options:Native integration
with briefing,
up to 30 seconds at
the beginning
(Explicit recommendation
max. 15 sec.)
Native integration +
product SHOW and
briefly outlined
(even if only in the
background) with
60 seconds at the
Product placement, at least 4 weeks
Rate:5,500 €7,900 €on request