Account Based Display

Interested in our new approach to display advertising? We offer you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your campaign, avoid wastage and utilise your budget effectively. Account-based display advertising (“ABD”) combines the advantages of both approaches: The reach of display advertising and the precision of account-based marketing.

> 2500 Accounts189 € CPM
< 2500 Accounts199 € CPM
< 500 Accounts209 € CPM
> 2500 Accounts229 € CPM
< 2500 Accounts239 € CPM
< 500 Accounts249 € CPM

Example: Your target account list (TAL) comprises <2500 accounts. This results in a CPM of €199 in price group 1. We calculate the individual forecast of ad impressions based on your TAL. This results in the following calculation, for example: €199 x 100,000 ad impressions = € 19,900 gross

all rates plus VAT. Agency commission is granted