Tech Specs


Ad mediaFormatmax. File Size
Leaderboard728 x 90 px150 KB
Billboard800 x 250 px oder 970 x 250 px150 KB
Skyscraper120 × 600 px oder 160 x 600 px150 KB
Medium Rectangle300 x 250 px150 KB
Half Page Ad300 x 600 px150 KB
Mobile Interstitial336×280 px or 320×480 px150 KB


For physical advertising media with a target URL or third-party redirect tags, we request that the data be delivered no later than 3 working days before the start of the campaign.[If we receive HTML5 creatives (rich media HTML5 formats), the data must be available at least 5 working days before the start of the campaign.]




1. With the delivery of the pictures it is assured that the copyright is present.
2. We accept Retina graphics in max. 2x resolution. These graphics are loaded on HiDPI screens, which can display the additional pixel density. This makes the display appear sharper.

If the creative is delivered as an HTML5 archive, please ensure that the HTML5 guidelines for ad managers are adhered to. You can then deliver the asset to us as a zip file. In some cases, there may be problems with the delivery of zip files (by e-mail). We therefore recommend a direct download link.


Two main types of HTML5 creatives are supplied. These can be created with the Adobe Animate CC program or developed with the Google Web Designer tool. Instructions for a suitable GWD exit can be found in the following instructions Exit using Google Web Designer.

Campaign Manager 360
This type of delivery (internal forwarding – Campaign Manager 360 tags) is a special form of integration. Here, the creatives are hosted by CM360, where they are retrieved and processed. This has advantages when trafficking, minimizes latencies and prevents counting deviations.

Third-party provider
The advertising material is best delivered as a third-party redirect <TAG>. The most common technology providers here are Campaign Manager 360 (DCM), adform or flashtalking <iframe>, <ins> or <script>-TAG. The creatives are always delivered in a safeFrame.

Advertising Specials

The wallpaper is a particularly eye-catching form of advertising. As an exclusively integrated advertising medium, you use the top and right margins of heise online in parallel. As a rule, the skyscraper docks to the right of the leaderboard.

Wallpaper Graphics:

(1) Leaderboard

(2) Skyscraper

Linking/counting pixel


The U-Wallpaper is a very eye-catching form of advertising that surrounds the page content of heise online.

U-Wallpaper Graphics:

(1) Large leaderboard

(2) Skyscraper left and right

Linking/counting pixel


The Fireplace ad is one of the most eye-catching forms of advertising that frames the page content of heise online. In contrast to the U-Wallpaper, a Billboard (970×250) is also placed between the page content and the navigation.

Fireplace Graphics:

(1) Large leaderboard

(2) Skyscraper left and right

(3) Billboard

Linking/counting pixel


1. The HEX color code must be clearly different from the standard heise online background (not gray/white).
2. For the Homepage Takeover special advertising format “U-Wallpaper and Fireplace”, only the delivery of third-party iframeTAG is possible. Technical reasons do not allow the delivery of <script> or <ins>-TAG.

The Dynamic Sitebar is a dynamic advertising medium that is displayed to the right of the page content (within the actual skyscraper position). The advertising format adapts dynamically to the available screen size and also scrolls automatically. This means that the Dynamic Sitebar is visible at all times.


1. The creative is responsive and has no fixed width and height (px) specifications. Please do not use any physical advertising material, which will otherwise only be scaled down proportionally.
2. The individual web media components (fonts, graphics, elements) must display correctly up to a banner width of 160px and not cause any overlaps.



The PreRoll Ad is mainly placed within the editorial article pages at heise online. The ad is also located on the video stage of the homepage.

PreRoll Ad Format:

(1) MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files

(2) AVI

Linking/click tracking


General restrictions: No automatically activated multimedia features such as sound or video streaming (on heise online only sounds or movies are allowed, which must be started by the users)

Native Ad

The native post is a native form of advertising that is located within the news roll at heise online. The look and feel of this special form of advertising blends in with the editorial content and is perceived as very harmonious.

Native Post Graphics:

(1) Graphic and icon1

Linking/counting pixel


1. If no icon can be supplied, a placeholder icon is used for the display.
2. The HEX color code should correspond to the corporate design of the company.

us AD

The usAd is a click-based form of advertising that is played out via the InterRed editorial system from heise online.

usAd Graphic:

(1) Medium Rectangle



PreRoll Ad: The AdServer renders the existing file in several variations, which are played out depending on the Internet bandwidth available on the end device.

SSL capability
If an advertising medium is not SSL-capable, we cannot guarantee that it will be displayed on all channels.

The z-index of an ad delivered via redirect must be below 10,000 (!).

Restrictions sound / video
Video and/or sound as well as expandable formats are only allowed user-initiated with start button.

Animation recommendation
Advertising banners should not be played in an endless loop (maximum 2 runs) and the maximum duration of an animation run should not exceed 15 seconds.

Ad server and targeting
heise online uses dfp by Google as its ad server. Targeting by time, day of the week, operating system, browser and frequency capping are offered at no extra charge.

Social Media


Ad mediaFormat
Newsletter leaderboard540 x 65 px
URL: Clicktracking/Landingpage
Newsletter rectangle276 x 230 px
URL: Clicktracking/Landingpage
Text-image combinationmax. characters including spaces: headline (95) + text (120) + link (60)
picture max. 180 x 60 px
Newsletter sponsoring540 x 65 px and 2 times 276 x 230 px

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