Tech Specs


Ad mediaFormatmax. File Size
Leaderboard728 x 90 px150 Kb
Billboard970 x 250 px200 KB
Skyscrapermax. 160 x 600 px150 Kb
Medium Rectangle300 x 250 px150 Kb
Half Page Ad300 x 600 px200 Kb
usAd300 x 250 px*
static, no redirect
150 Kb
PreRoll VideoDelivery: .mp4, .3gpp, .mov, .avi or VAST redirect
Resolution: 1280x720px (16:9) 

Formats: MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files
Video codec: H264, MPEG4
Target video bitrate: 2.000 kBit/s 
Audio codec: AAC
Target bitrate audio: 128 kBit/s
Channels: 2 channels (stereo)
Frame rate: 25 fps 

Format: AVI
Video codec: MJPEG
Audio codec: PCM 

Duration: 01-30 seconds
*over 15s length the video is played skippable

*The AdServer renders the file into several variations that are played depending on the Internet bandwidth available on the device.
5 MB
Dynamic SitebarIframe only; Creative must be responsive200 Kb

Note:* The usAd is a special form of advertising that is controlled online via the editorial CMS by heise. Therefore we need the advertising material as a physical file. The use of a redirect and also the rotation of different motifs is not possible.

SSL capability
If an advertising medium is not SSL-capable, we cannot guarantee that it will be played on all channels. 
The z-index of an ad medium delivered via redirect must be less than 10,000 (!). 
Audio / Video restrictions 
Video and/or sound as well as expandable formats are only allowed user-initiated with a start button. 
Recommended Animation
Advertising banners should not be played back in an endless loop (maximum 2 passes) and the maximum duration of an animation pass should not exceed 15 seconds. 
AdServer and Targeting
heise online used as AdServer dfp by Google. Targeting by time of day, day of the week, operating system, browser and frequency capping are offered without extra charge. 
Dispatch of advertising material 
For banners and redirects, delivery of the advertising material at the latest 3 working days before the start of the campaign, for rich media formats at the latest 5 working days before the start of the campaign. 

Delivery address for advertising material: e-mails to ads@mew


The delivery of the advertising material is carried out as best as possible as a redirect (i-Frame). If the creative is built according to Google standards, you can also send us the banner as a zip file. Furthermore, it is possible to host the HTML5 advertising material on a separate server and send us the path to the address. For this we also need the target URL. Single clickable elements with different URLs will not be considered. 
Formats and file size 
The same format and weight specifications apply to the advertising media as already described under “Display“. 

Wallpaper/Fireplace Specifications


Wallpapers are a particularly attention-grabbing form of advertising. As an exclusively integrated advertising medium, they use the top and right-hand side margins in parallel. In the case of the U-Wallpaper, they even use both side margins and thus frame the content of heise online. 

Wallpaper consist of the following elements:

U-Wallpaper consist of the following elements:

The Fireplace has the same specifications as the U-Wallpaper. Exception is the Leaderboard, which must not be extended, probes must be delivered in 1104×90 pixels. 
The central Fireplace has a size of 1056×250 pixels, must not exceed 200 Kb and can be animated in contrast to the U-Wallpaper. The fireplace must be available as an iframe, ins tag or physical banner (jpg, png).

General restrictions: No automatic multimedia features like sound or video streaming (heise online only allows sounds or movies that have to be started by the user).

Native Post

Social Media


Ad mediaFormat
Newsletter leaderboard540 x 65 px
Newsletter rectangle276 x 230 px
Text-image combinationmax. characters including spaces: headline (95) + text (120) + link (60)
picture max. 180x60px
Newsletter sponsoring540 x 65 px and 2 times 276 x 230 px

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