Display First Party, 3rd Party

First Party

We determine the segment based on the surfing behavior of the individual user on heise online. If the request for the segment matches the user‘s surfing behavior, the user is marked using a first-party cookie.

Under certain circumstances, a user may be included in the segment based on his or her surfing behavior, even though he or she is not part of the actual target group.

This is due solely to his surfing behavior of the pages called up (only heise online). In this case, the user is nevertheless part of the segment and is also addressed afterwards. The segmentation is not based on log-in data.

see DisplayAds

3rd Party

Google Audiences:

Target groups of segments or users with certain interests, intentions, and demographic characteristics identified by Google and external providers. Your ads are then played out to users who are most likely to be interested in the selected categories.

Particularly relevant here are IT interests and positions, among others.