With the stand-alone newsletter we distribute your information to specific target groups. You can address 5 target group clusters and define the desired scale. A second dispatch in the following week is included, also an A/B- test is possible to act with the more successful template. You will receive a detailed report with the number of recipients, openers, optouts and clicks. Stand-alone newsletters can be booked well in combination with native articles or advertorials on heise online, in order to provide the content to the appropriate target groups.

Target groupPackage SPackage MPackage L
IT decision Maker22,000 Contacts
10,400 €
39,800 Contacts
18,800 €
57,000 Contacts
26,900 €
Cloud22,000 Contacts
10,400 €
27,000 Contacts
12,750 €
30,000 Contacts
14,200 €
Industrie22,000 Contacts
10,400 €
35,000 Contacts
16,500 €
49,000 Contacts
23,100 €
Business22,000 Contacts
10,400 €
60,000 Contacts
28,700 €
230,000 Contacts
108,560 €
Security22,000 Contacts
10,400 €

Minimum booking volume: 10,400 Euro, only agency commission applicable
ALL technical costs are already included

Package L always corresponds to the total target group

all rates plus VAT

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