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Targeting ato one of the 5 target group clusters, at the desired scale
Creation of the newsletter in the chosen template (heise business services or own layout)
A second mailing in the following week with identical template, but varied subject if desired, to non-responders from the initial mailing (surcharge: 4,500 euros).
A/B test is possible. In this case, 5% are tested with template A, 5% with template B, and 90% with the more successful template fed by clicks (no surchage).
Three working days after sending, we send a report containing the number of recipients, opt-outs, openers, clicks and clickers as well as the clicks on the respective links.
The lead time is at least 10 days. You will receive a draft for approval before each shipment.

External tracking of the newsletter is not possible for legal and technical reasons. You will receive detailed reporting from us. As a special form of advertising, newsletters are also read offline after download. Therefore, there may be significant counting differences. The Heise reporting is authoritative for billing