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Target group targeting – Content Hub L

Content Hub L Content Hub L Articles from HBS 6 Duration 3 months View guarantee individually according to target group size Audience individually according to target group size Content from customer at least 5 Assets Lead time 6 weeks Project management HBS ✔︎ Lead guarantee no Quantity no Filter ✔︎ (Industry, number of employees and […]

Target group targeting – 3rd Party

Display First Party, 3rd Party First Party We determine the segment based on the surfing behavior of the individual user on heise online. If the request for the segment matches the user‘s surfing behavior, the user is marked using a first-party cookie. Under certain circumstances, a user may be included in the segment based on […]

Target group targeting – Newsletter

Stand-Alone-Newsletter With the stand-alone newsletter we distribute your information to specific target groups. You can address 4 target group clusters and define the desired scale. A second dispatch in the following week is included, also an A/B- test is possible to act with the more successful template. You will receive a detailed report with the […]