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Traffic Push – Event Push

Event Push With the packages, we reach the relevant target group in topic-relevant environments and inform them about our events in various ways. Topic Cluster Package S Rate (IT) Decision MakerDeveloperSecurityCloud Medium Rectangle (Rotation in a topic-related environment): approx. 100,000 AIsusAd Rotation: 250 ClicksSocial Media: 250 ClicksNewsletter with an affinity for the topic (Medium Rectangle): […]

Traffic Push – Social Media

Social Media Display of your ad in the audience of heise online, i.e. users who actively follow heise online on Facebook and Instagram. Image dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pxHeading = 40 characters; Description = 125 charactersURL: Clicktracking / Landingpage Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 heise online Duration: 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks Clicks: […]

Traffic Push – usAd

Unblockable Ads Reach users who use an activated ad blocker! Unblockable super ad On the acceptable ad list of Ad Block Plus Static 300x250px is not blocked by default and also reaches users with activated Ad Blocker Requires control via the editorial CMS, so the clicks cannot be delivered evenly over the campaign period and […]

Traffic Push – Native Post

Native Post Sponsored link – the delivered content is delivered online in the look and feel of heise online in the editorial news feed, the centerpiece of heise online. Rate Homepage inkl. Newsticker, duration approx. 3 weeks 5,592 € Homepage inkl. Newsticker at least 800 Clicksnot discountable CPC 6,99 € Rotation (iX, heise […]