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Traffic Push – Event Push

Event Push With the packages, we reach the relevant target group in topic-relevant environments and inform them about our events in various ways. Topic Cluster Package S Rate (IT) Decision MakerDeveloperSecurityCloud Medium Rectangle (Rotation in a topic-related environment): approx. 100,000 AIsusAd Rotation: 250 ClicksSocial Media: 250 ClicksNewsletter with an affinity for the topic (Medium Rectangle): […]

published at 10. May 2022 by juc

Traffic Push – Social Media

Social Media Display of your ad in the audience of heise online, i.e. users who actively follow heise online on Facebook and Instagram. Image dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pxHeading = 40 characters; Description = 125 charactersURL: Clicktracking / Landingpage Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 heise online Duration: 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks Clicks: […]

published at 10. May 2022 by juc

Traffic Push – usAd

Unblockable Ads Reach users who use an activated ad blocker! Unblockable super ad CPC Homepage with at least 1,000 Clicksnot discountable 5,99 € back

published at 10. May 2022 by juc

Traffic Push – Native Post

Native Post Sponsored link – the delivered content is delivered online in the look and feel of heise online in the editorial news feed, the centerpiece of heise online. Rate Homepage inkl. Newsticker, duration approx. 3 weeks 5,592 € Homepage inkl. Newsticker at least 800 Clicksnot discountable CPC 6,99 € back