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c’t Fotografie published every two months and is one of the highest-circulation photo magazines in Germany. With detailed workshops on topics such as night photography, nude photography, portrait shooting and landscape, readers improve their photographic skills. Articles on image editing not only with Photoshop
show step by step the way to the perfect picture.

Photo printing is equally important for professionals and amateur photographers: Which paper, which photo book, own printer or service provider? Tough tests of cameras, lenses and accessories in in-house measuring and test laboratories help readers to choose the right equipment.

The editorial team does not randomly test what comes onto the market, but presents a selection of the most important new publications and arranges them into the market offer. Almost every issue contains reports on photo accessories, including flashes, tripods, studio equipment, photo bags and backpacks.

c’t Fotografie is aimed at amateurs who are enthusiastic about photography and want to take pictures instead of taking them, as well as at professional photographers who want to be comprehensively informed and inspired by a variety of topics.

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