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For the worldwide maker movement, using a soldering iron, saw and cordless screwdriver is as natural as working with a 3D printer and scanner, laser cutter and programming single-board computers like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The magazine Make: helps to build, rebuild and publishes project instructions that can be followed by both beginners and advanced users. The aim of Make: is not only to offer the reader instructions, but also to explain the technique and function of the projects by additional information, to enable readers to take action themselves, to alienate existing ideas and to give free rein to his their own technical ideas. The articles are not just about electronics and computers, but also about projects with 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines. In addition, there are portraits of crafting luminaries and other interesting personalities as well as FabLabs. Tests provide information on which new accessories are well suited for makers and overviews of product groups such as microcontrollers and accessories provide advice on the selection.

The team of authors is part of the German Maker scene. The cooperation with the US edition of Make: enriches the content with international projects. From simple quick hacks, inspiring construction reports to detailed replica  instructions for complete devices, there is something for everyone.

In addition to the magazine, Make: presents the Maker Faire – an event format for innovation and maker culture, where hundreds of private makers, makerspaces, universities and companies present themselves with numerous creative projects and innovative products, exchange ideas and share their knowledge every year. Thousands of visitors are invited to join in/make things.


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