DatesSeptember 23, 2020 – Storage Security & Backup Day
October 07, 2020 – Storage trends and -solutions
November 12, 2020 – Ceph-Day

The amount of data in companies continues to grow. Their storage and fast provision is becoming an ever greater challenge. storage2day, the conference for data storage technologies and data management, presents proven solutions from practical experience.

An extensive program of lectures informs conference visitors in individual topic blocks about how other companies have solved their data storage problems and what has established itself as best practice. The topic of data security and data backup will be dealt with first in September, in the second part trends and solutions will be presented. In this block you will receive special presence opportunities as a sponsor. In November we will end the online event with the main focus on Ceph.

The conference is organized by iX, the magazine for professional information technology and dpunkt.verlag

Target groups

CIOsCTOsSystem administratorsdata center managerssecurity managers


  • Storage concepts: cloud integration, backup and replication, SDS, distributed file systems
  • Storage techniques: high-speed networks, NVMe, data redundancy, Flash and its successors
  • Data growth: hybrid clouds, migration, I/O acceleration
  • Data security: backup, security, GDPR
  • Infrastructure: building scalable and distributed storage systems
  • New concepts: data center automation, data science, multi-cloud, edge computing
  • Data center techniques: modern databases, high-speed technologies, new storage architectures

Package rates

Package Gold5,500 €
Package Silver3,500 €
Theme day on Safety Day (23 Sept.) or Ceph-Day (12 Nov.)4,000 € each