Date23. – 25. February 2021
Digital Conference

With secIT, Heise Medien has established a new event highlight in the IT security industry in recent years. Even in times of Corona we do not want to interrupt this success story.

At secIT Digital, we will present the latest trends, solutions and information on the subject of IT security. We have chosen a format which allows you all the opportunities of a presence event. In addition, we have extended secIT Digital to 3 days – 23 to 25 February 2021, so that we have sufficient space for all current topics.

Of course, we are aware of the ongoing difficult situation, so we have committed ourselves to a purely virtual implementation for secIT 2021. In the past few months we have had a lot of experience with digital events and both the possibilities and pitfalls of online tools. In the meantime, however, we are deeply involved in the topic and will carry out secIT digitally with the health of everyone involved in mind.

As in the past, secIT Digital will also have a strong topic-related and editorial character. The editorial team has also made interaction a top priority. Participants should not just be mute listeners, but should be taken along into the secIT world.

We have chosen an innovative format for this, which offers partners, participants and speakers almost all the possibilities of a presence event, but still adapts to digital consumer behaviour.

Another innovation are the secIT Specials! We will continue secIT in the following quarters (Q2, Q3, Q4). Each Special will have a different, current and, of course, also interactively communicated security focus. As a partner you will have additional options to present your solutions in a suitable topic environment.

Target group

CIOCSOCOOHead of data centreHead of IT departmentIT administrationBuyersData protection officerCompliance OfficerPersonnel seekersIT security manager


  • The Emotet self-test: How vulnerable is our company?
  • Measures against internal and other perpetrators: What must be done to make your company “spy-proof”?
  • Cyber insurance: Who needs one, what can you insure against and what do companies need to be aware of?
  • Panel discussion: Hackback
  • Expert FAQ on ransomware, APTs and Co

Packages and speaking opportunities

Basic4,500 €
Speaker-Slot1,300 €
Breakout sessions1,000 €
morefrom 250 €
Specialsfrom 4,000 €

Number of participants: 200 + per day