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Maker Faire

Date June 18, 2021 Digital edition The Maker Faire is the festival for inspiration, creativity and innovation. At the Maker Faire, sponsors can present themselves in an innovative and future-oriented environment, recruit new employees, offer their products and services to makers, other companies or visitors with an affinity for technology, and organize hackathons, competitions and […]

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Dates March 10, 2021 – Open Source Storage April 20, 2021 – Storage performance May 12, 2021 – Storage Architecture October 27, 2021 – Storage trends & solutions November 30, 2021 – Security & Backup Day December 07, 2021 – Storage strategies The amount of data in companies continues to grow. Their storage and fast […]

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Heise Smart Home Summit 2021

Date November, 2021 Location Hanover In the context of an exhibition, lectures and workshops, Heise Medien is organizing the next event all about the intelligent home. The core areas of energy, security and entertainment will include voice-controlled assistance systems, alarm systems as well as blind, surveillance, lighting and heating controls. Visitors will be able to […]