Dates 2021
January 20, 2021: Kubernetes Experts Day
February 10, 2021: Cloud Native Day
March 03, 2021: Dev(Sec)Ops Day
May 04, 2021: Continuous Testing Day
May 18, 2021: Monitoring Day
October, 12 2021: Non-technical aspects of DevOps and agility
Presence eventNovember 17 to 18, 2021: Mannheim, m:con Congress Center Rosengarten

The conferences for Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Containerization and Cloud Native
The Continuous Lifecycle is dedicated to the concepts, processes and tools behind Continuous Delivery, Dev(Sec)Ops and Co. and offers experiences that are of practical help. The ContainerConf highlights the technical internals and the most important tools and methods, but also the social and cultural aspects of containerization.

Topics 2021

Container Conf

  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Containerisation with docker, podman, rkt and alternatives
  • Important developments and tools from the cloud-native environment
  • Service meshes and related techniques
  • BizDevOps

Continuous Lifecycle

  • The right way to deal with continuous delivery
  • Practical implementation of DevOps methods
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Operation and monitoring
  • Challenges to corporate culture

Target group

Software developers Software and cloud architectsAdministratorsProject ManagersDevOpsIT Strategists

Package rates 2021 – digital

Package Platin8,000 €
Package Gold5,800 €
Package Silver3,800 €

Package rates 2021 – presence event

Package Platin12,000 €
Package Gold8,000 €
Package Silver5,500 €
Package Bronce2,500 €

Number of participants: 150 + per conference day