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Employer Branding – Persona Targeting

Extension of your job advert in the adverts section of heise online We create a persona to address the target group directly– for the area security or developer: Rate 30 days | 3,300 € all rates plus VAT. Agency commission is granted back

published at 19. January 2024 by juc

Employer Branding – Job advertisements

New specialists with the necessary know-how You reach potential applicants directly on heise Jobs: one of the most important recruiting platform for the IT sector. Job advertisements Classicundesigned job advertisement in standard layout Run-time 30 days 759 € Run-time 60 days 999 € Job advertisements Professionaldesigned job advertisement in HTML format Run-time 30 days 889 […]

published at 10. May 2022 by juc

Employer Branding-Packages

Employer Branding Successfully attract IT experts across all channels.With our multichannel packages you get the perfect recruiting mix to find your IT staff. Play out your recruiting campaign across different channels and address applicants in a targeted and direct way. Package S Package M Package L Branding/Display Wallpaper individual target grouptargeting, 100,000 AdImps Wallpaper individual […]