Your brand in a decisive environment

Our theme channels and other online media create a high-quality and thematically coherent advertising environment for your online ads. In this way, you can reach your target groups accurately and strengthen your brand identity at the same time.


Display ads are available in many different formats on all our theme channels. They reach your target groups easily and effectively in exactly the environment they are interested in.

Newsletter Ads

Newsletter ads are possible as leaderboard or rectangle in all our twelve newsletters. You reach your target groups in an explicitly requested medium directly into their e-mail inbox. Our new offer: Stand-Alone-Newsletter


Video ads are possible directly before or directly in the editorial content of You reach your target groups in multimedia in the online format that is currently in great demand by far.


Audio ads are available as spots in all of our podcasts. You reach your target groups primarily in their leisure time in the medium with the highest growth rates at present.