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Climate change, pandemic, financial crisis, global migration: in the 21st century, crises are ­omnipresent and closely linked to scientific, technical and social issues. Technical innovations, for example, can help to mitigate climate change. Research and science play a crucial role here ­because they explain how the global ecosystem functions and at the same time point out ­measures to be taken. However, the ecological crisis is above all a social problem, because political actors must regulate wisely and distribute the social consequences of this regulation fairly. 

For over 120 years, the MIT Technology Review has been published at the world‘s most famous technical institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Heise-Publishing has been publishing the German licensed edition for 20 years now. In the course of this time, the editorial  staff developed a high level of expertise and know-how on the most important scientific journalistic ­issues of the past decades. This expertise puts our magazine in a position unlike any other medium in Germany to explain the great challenges of our time at the thematic interface between society, science and technology. That is what we do – and we do it in a way that is prepared for a broad audience of readers.

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