Dates26. November 2020 – PHP 8
03. December 2020 – .NET 5.0
10. December 2020 – Product Owner Day
Digital Conference

Software development has become the central pillar for the business success of almost every organisation. How well or poorly a new or existing application is implemented has a decisive influence on its economic success. This makes it all the more important for developers, software architects and project managers to keep up to date with the many changes in software and web development.


Contemporary programming languagesUser interfaces: Augmented / virtual reality mobile frameworksWeb development: WASM (WebAssembly) JavaScript and librariesAI data science and machine learningIoT Fog / Edge computingQuantum computingSoftware ArchitectureVirtualisation and containerisationAPI firstCloud computingTest and security DevSecOpsAgile Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, DevOps

Package Prices

Package Platin8,000 €
Package Gold3,500 €
Package Silver2,800 €