Planned topics of issue 05/2020 – April 16

Space close: March 27, 2020

Cover story “What a hydrogen economy would really look like” 
The energy-rich gas is the great hope in the fight against climate change. Technology Review analyses how it will change our economy.

Our new meat
From veggie trend to laboratory breeding – the big move away from animals on a clearly arranged double page. 

RNA as a vaccine:
The corona crisis drew attention to a completely new form of gene therapy. But technology can do much more than fight viruses. 

Hunt for health data:
Digital companies like Google and Amazon are moving into patient care. Why they will soon even set up their own clinics. 

Read out brain activity:
The Tübingen-based company CorTec builds electrodes to measure brain activity in detail. The goal: to respond to the signals in order to treat neurological disorders. 

FOCUS “Open Source” 
The increasing digitalization goes hand in hand with a loss of trust in technology, combined with a dramatic monopoly formation. How open source can solve the problems and how Europe can play a leading role in this. 

+ Extra “digitization” 

Other topics: The library of the future / Giant Magellan Telescope / AI learns to debate 

Topics are subject to change