Planned topics of issue 12/2020 – Nov 11

Space close: Oct 19, 2020

Cover story “CO2”
Gigantic quantities of CO2 can be bound in rock. Now the method should help to get the greenhouse gas out of the air and to slow down climate change.

Instant Expert
A good 2600 satellites buzz around the earth. What are their missions? We give an overview.

Vinyl records are experiencing a renaissance, but pressing machines are in short supply. Now a developer wants to rebuild them in a modernized way.

With Big Data and artificial intelligence, researchers are finding new effects for old drugs.

Researchers decode the emotional world of animals.

IT security
Digital espionage tools are a billion-dollar business. We take a look behind the scenes of this secretive industry.

FOCUS “Energy”
One year after the German government’s climate package: Where does Germany stand on the energy turnaround – and what should happen now?

✚ Extra “Factory of the Future II”: The 16-page print + online special

✚ “Tech2Go” Podcast topic: CO2

Other topics:
Psychology: Researchers show that trauma is inherited – opening the way to completely new therapies / Big Data: Since the advent of computers, researchers have been dreaming about calculating human behaviour. So far they have always failed – fortunately.

Topics are subject to change