Planned topics of issue 01/2021 – Nov 30

Space close: Nov 30, 2020

Cover story “Preview 2021”
Preview 2021 – what will be important next year? We expect a vaccine against Covid-19, AI becomes personal and supports our creativity. We show how e-car production will expand in the coming year. And space gets full: Freighters are sent to the moon, micro-launcher satellites scatter satellites into orbit and the ISS becomes a film studio.

Instant Expert: Turning thoughts into actions without having to rely on the detour via voice and movements – that is the vision behind neuro interfaces in the brain. We give an overview of what is going on so far.

Transport: Deutsche Bahn has been closing secondary lines for decades. The Association of German Transport Companies wants to reactivate them with federal funding. Does this make sense? We give answers.

Space travel: What to do if an asteroid actually goes on a collision course with the earth? The DART space probe goes on a test mission.

AI: Companies let artificial intelligence repair and color photos and films independently – with astonishing results and sometimes bizarre errors. They are rewriting part of our history in pictures. We question what is technically possible and whether it is a good idea to assign this task to AI.

FOCUS “Change”
What does change mean for us humans – is it easy or difficult for us – what motivates us to change? What is behind new forms of work that are fully geared towards change and agility? How can we transform our cities to be better protected against pandemics? We have changed the way we deal with waste, we separate plastic like no other nation – but its a change with no effect on our mountains of waste. We tell you the reasons.

✚ Extra “Digital Health”: The Print + Online Special

Topics are subject to change