Planned topics of issue 07/2020 – June 18

Space close: May 29, 2020

Title and focus topic: Climate
If the global climate protection measures take effect, do we still have to prepare for a significantly warmer world? What adaptation technologies are available – and which ones make sense?

Recycling – old plastic into new plastic:
How a new technology can turn old plastic into new plastic – and solve the plastic problem.

Expert in 5 minutes:
The most important things about quantum computers

Clinical trials with promising antibodies against Covid 19 will start in summer. Is the hope for an antidote justified?

Artificial intelligence:
Lie detectors were long ostracized, now they are making a comeback with AI. Rightly so?

Balance of the corona crisis:
Satellite data reveal a lot about the state of the world. With their help we can make a preliminary assessment of the Corona pandemic.

Extra “Factory of the Future”: The 16-page Print + Online Special

“Tech2Go” podcast topic: Climate

Further topics: Patterns of Terror: An ethnologion goes among terrorists, explores what makes them tick – and how to deal with them / Space travel: The USA want to go to the moon again. We present the 3 concepts of Nasa /Psychic suffering: Why viral DNA in the human genome could cause depression or schizophrenia /Wind energy: Superconducting generators shrink the turbines – and enable gigantic wind turbines beyond 12 megawatts.

Topics are subject to change