Planned topics of issue 11/2020 – Oct 08

Space close: Sep 21, 2020

Title and focus topic “Digital Networking”
In the meantime, not only companies, but entire countries are fighting for supremacy in the Internet, in cloud services and in the data economy. How will that shape digitization?

Instant Expert
What Really Is AI?

Climate protection
The green mineral olivine binds CO2 – and is now supposed to help fight climate change on beaches or in the cement industry.

Cities are the new primeval forest – with species of their own.

Electric mobility
The German charging infrastructure is patchy and price chaos. This is how the useful expansion succeeds.

How countries around the world are struggling to get enough vaccine for their populations

The plasma engine has already brought satellites millions of kilometers. Now it is supposed to provide new thrust for aircraft.

✚ “Tech2Go” podcast topic: digital networking

Further topics:
Cosmology: More and more interstellar objects are crossing the earth’s orbit. Researchers use them as messengers from foreign galaxies / Chemistry: New materials are crucial for technical progress. Now robots and AI systems are supposed to help find them.

Topics are subject to change