Planned topics of issue 02/2021 – April 08

Space close: 11 March, 2021

Automatic satellite dish
Aligning a satellite dish is an annoying issue, especially for motor home or boat owners, after every change of location. What could be more obvious to the Maker than to build an automatic alignment aid? Our instructions show how it works.
Topics: Arduino, ESP8266, satellite TV, camping, 3D printing, motors, DIY.

Biofeedback for the Maker

In this article, we show how you can use simple electronics and an Arduino Nano to display and train your heartbeat and respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) to exercise your heart and relax
Topics: Arduino, electronics, wood, 3D printing

Test and reuse lithium-ion batteries
Old batteries don’t necessarily have to be thrown away: they often contain well-functioning cells. If you measure them more closely, you can simply reuse them for mobile projects.
Topics: Batteries, charging technology, chargers, 3D printing, sustainability

Voice output for your own projects
If no display is available to make information accessible, voice output can also be used. Our overview of software projects for different platforms helps to make a choice. We also show a concrete example in practice.
Topics: Microcontroller, software, speaker, amplifier, electronics

Resin printer
Resin instead of PLA or ABS: With resin or resin 3D printers, you can increase the detail of your models many times over. We explain where resin printing is better and how to use it.
Topics: 3D Printing

Simulating circuits
With the tool LTSpice you can simulate your own electronic circuits on the PC and test them for their function before you build them on the breadboard or solder them to a circuit board.
Topics: Electronics, components, circuit boards, operational amplifiers

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