Planned topics of special issue 07/2020 – November 05

Space close: 08 October, 2020

Special issue 07/20 “Woodworking”
This year’s special issue of Make takes up the special topic of “Woodworking” – working with wood and wood-based materials. Even though many makers prefer to swing the soldering iron, program microcontrollers or use 3D printing, they have to deal with wood at the latest when it comes to building a stable substructure, a pretty case or a simple transport box for their project. For many makers, this is the real new territory into which we accompany them.
We approach the topic from different sides:

Here it is a question of what material you actually work with, because usually there is no solid wood on the workbench or saw, but board material such as plywood, chipboard, multiplex, glued wood and so on. We also describe how to plan your wood project.
Topics: Wood, derived timber products, board material, CAD, 3D design, planning, measuring and marking, gluing, screws

Some people prefer to do everything with their own hands when it comes to a craft (which also has the advantage that you don’t make so much noise that you fly out of your rented flat). We show which (hand) tools are needed, how to sharpen them and how to use them to build the first things out of wood with minimal space requirements – and preferably things that make further work easier, such as a sawhorse.
Topics: Hand tools, Japanese saw, plane, chisel, sharpening, grindstone, workbench

Machine work
Those who see woodworking more as a means to an end, let machines do the work where precision is important. We show which three saws you really need, how to work safely with them and which projects can be built much faster and easier with them – for example a passive loudspeaker for a smartphone.
Topics: Circular saw, crosscut saw, jigsaw, saw blade, tooth forms, router

Digital woodwork
Of course, a magazine for makers must not stop at the classic working methods that carpenters have been using for decades – after all, CNC milling machines and laser cutters have been invented in the meantime. Therefore we give an introduction to woodworking with the CNC milling machine and show how to form wood materials with the laser cutter, preferably thin plywood or MDF.
Topics: Lasercutter, CNC-milling machine, CAD/CAM, vector graphics

Topics are subject to change