Planned topics of issue 03/2020 – June 11

Space close: 14 May, 2020

Clever against Corona
Personal hygiene is key! We are building a hand wash timer for the bathroom, which can be started without contact and ensures that all germs are soaped long enough as soon as you get home.

Make your own Smart Home
If you are at home a lot, you want it convenient. In the next issue, Make will therefore be devoted to home automation with the free software openHAB. 
And wouldn’t it be great if the washing machine itself would announce itself when it is finished and it is worth going to the basement? Make shows how it works.

Keep Amazed
With self-made equipment for exact timing, you take perfect photos of falling water drops. And magnetism – cleverly used – even makes a tiny landscape model appear to float in the air as if by magic, like the flying mountains in the film “Avatar”.

3D printing
No 3D printing without a suitable slicer, i.e. the software for print preparation. The editorial team takes a close look at the current programs and shows what they can do and when you should use which software.

Topics are subject to change