Planned topics of issue 06/2020 – December 10

Space close: 12 November, 2020


Monitoring the fuel oil tank via LoRaWAN
Never again an empty tank in winter. A sensor transmits the level of the tank using LoRaWAN radio technology.
Topics: Boards, microcontrollers, breakout boards, sensors, LoRaWAN, programming, soldering

Nesting box 2.0
Over the winter is time to prepare for spring and build a nest box with a camera for the tits. We show how to convert the existing Make model and take pictures of the nest with the Pi and a camera.
Topics: wood, Raspberry Pi, power supply, video, camera, infrared

Making IKEA lanterns smart
An “analogue” IKEA lantern is equipped with electric tea lights plus ZigBee and integrated into the smart home.
Topics: ZigBee, Tradfi, illuminants, Ikea, Smart Home, voltage converter, soldering

Voice recognition
Instead of Alexa and Google Assistant with cloud, it might also work speaker-independently and with full text speech recognition without a cloud connection. vicControl already has a number of IO ports that can be controlled by freely selectable voice commands. We show how to use the software and one example project.
Topics: Smart Home, speech recognition, cloud, breadboard, electronics, relays, lamps

DIY air filter against corona
Make provides instructions for building an air filter for indoor spaces, such as classrooms, offices, etc. A fan draws in ambient air through a virus-filtering HEPA filter, in which aerosols enriched with corona viruses accumulate. The ambient air is sucked in at head height and the filtered air is blown out again at ground level.
Topics: Filter, HEPA, wood, HT pipe, fan, blower

Topics are subject to change