Planned topics of issue 01/2021 – February 11

Space close: 14 January, 2021

Breakout boards for Maker
Small add-on boards with sensors, motor drivers, amplifiers, voltage regulators and lipo chargers help to build projects. Our overview introduces some of them.
Topics: Electronics, boards, sensors, semiconductors, ICs

288 LEDs on a stick: by swinging it back and forth, you create a virtual outdoor display for computer images and graphics
Topics: Photo, LEDs, graphics, electronics, neopixels, arduino, mobile power supply, battery pack

Hydoponics with ESP 32
Without soil, but with nutrients in the water: With hydroponic islands in the kitchen, you can grow your own lettuce. An ESP32 controls water pumps and light.
Topics: Food, lettuce, ESP32, electronics, pumps, UV lighting.

Smart Home with Home Assistant
An introduction to the open-source Home Assistant software and how to connect smart home products from different manufacturers.
Topics: Smart home, lighting, heating, shades, energy

Docker on the Pi
Containerization lets you run software in separate environments without different software versions, libraries or configurations getting in eachother’s way.
Topics: Software, Docker, Raspberry Pi, containers, Kubernetes

Topics are subject to change