Planned topics of issue 02/2020 – April 16

Space close: 19.03.2020

Smart Home for plants
Based on an Ikea mini-greenhouse, a fully automatic garden on a small scale is created, in which a microcontroller irrigates, lights, heats and precisely regulates both temperature and humidity.

Raspberry Pi
The cooperation between a school and a Fraunhofer Institute resulted in a low-cost 3D microscope based on a Raspberry Pi for replication, which can also be used to measure living cells in three dimensions.

3D printing
No 3D printing without a suitable slicer, i.e. the software for print preparation. The editorial team takes a close look at the common programs and shows what they can do and when to use which software.

Build your own Hifi-Boxes
Building your own loudspeaker cabinets is a DIY classic – but with the skilful use of modern measuring and computer technology, you can get much more out of the sound than before. Make shows how this can be achieved in practice.

Electronics in a different way
It does not always have to be exposed boards from the service provider – even with self-adhesive copper foil from the cutting plotter, components can be connected and are always an eye-catcher.

CAD basic course
Makers can use professional design software free of charge, for example to create their own 3D printing templates. Make shows step by step how to get started with the FreeCAD program.

Topics are subject to change