Planned topics of issue 06/2020 – December 03

Space close: November 11, 2020

Buying platforms
Books, DVDs and old Apple devices that you no longer need can be sold at the flea market but with great difficulty. This should be less stressful via purchase platforms: They buy used media as well as Macs, iPhones and iPads and promise to pay fixed prices in advance. But is it worth it? The editorial team gives an overview of the recommerce providers and uses experience reports to show what you can still get for the old treasures.

Audiobook apps and subscriptions
Audiobooks are trendy. Anyone who reads in tracks from CD or buys them individually on the Internet needs a good audio book app. Mac & i compares applications for the iPhone. The editors also take a close look at audio book subscriptions: Which services offer the most attractive offer?

5G with Apple
The successor to LTE is spreading more and more throughout Germany and, with the new iPhones, is now making its way to Apple. What are the benefits of the new technology, how far has the network expanded and which providers are offering it?

Gift tips from the editorial team
How can you make loved ones – or yourself – happy on the holidays? Our editors reveal which gifts make the hearts of Apple fans beat faster.

Headphones and earphones
In the office, during sports or on the go, with cable or noise suppression, from cheap to classy: Headphones and earphones come in a wide variety of shapes and price ranges. The editorial team compares Apple’s AirPod series with headphones from other manufacturers and gives recommendations for various purposes.

iPhones and iPads already support the new standard WLAN 6, alias IEEE 802.11ax, and Macs will hopefully soon follow suit. The WLAN is supposed to become up to four times faster, but what is left of it in practice, what requirements have to be met and how does it work technically?

Topics are subject to change