Planned topics of issue 01/2021 – February 04

Space close: January 14, 2021

Fascination M1 Macs
The performance of the new Macs with ARM processor is more than convincing, but what about the compatibility to peripherals and old programs? What still runs thanks to Rosetta 2 emulation and what do you have to buy new? Who is still well advised with an Intel Mac? Mac & i provides the answers.

Gaming on the Mac
Although more video games appear on the PC and consoles than on iMac, MacBook and Co., gamers don’t have to turn their backs on Apple’s computers. The new ARM processors promise more performance for demanding games; cloud services and game subscriptions provide more choice. Read what Mac gamers can hope for and what challenges developers face in the next Mac & i.

iPhone buying guide
Many people probably want a new iPhone, but some will be put off by the high prices. We explain what the current devices can do better, for which requirements an older model is sufficient and how you can save a lot of money by buying a used one.

On stage with Mac and iPad
Whether it’s a reading or a concert, good sound is half the battle when performing in front of an audience. We show you what software and hardware you need to make a live performance a success – on site or streamed together from home.

What can Thread do?
A new network technology is moving into Apple’s smart home platform with the HomePod mini: Thread is said to require little energy, increase resilience through mesh capabilities, and also extend the range of networked devices like lights and sensors. The editors describe what’s behind it and which devices can already handle Thread.

Fitness with the Apple Watch
Winter, holidays and home office: three reasons not to leave your own four walls. To prevent a lack of exercise, Mac & i compares apps that readers can use to keep in shape without much effort.

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