Planned topics of issue 03/2020 – June 04

Space close: May 11, 2020

Mowing robot 
More and more garden owners are letting a robot do the tiresome lawn mowing, ideally one that can be conveniently controlled with an iPhone and reports problems. Mac & i tests App-enabled mowing robots in real-world situations and provides setup tips, such as how to run the boundary wire or set up the base station. 

Drones with iOS connection
Small, remote-controlled quadrocopters promise a lot of fun: steered by controller or iOS app, the aircraft whizzes through the air. Many models have cameras that let you take bird’s-eye photos and videos and stream them to your iPhone. While entry-level devices are available for less than 100 euros, more expensive models attract with high-quality cameras and sophisticated technology. Mac & i tests drones in a variety of price categories and shows you what’s important. 

HomeKit Secure Video
Networked surveillance cameras enjoy great popularity. However, the fact that many models send the images to remote servers creates mistrust. With HomeKit Secure Video, Apple wants to create more privacy through local person recognition and encrypted iCloud storage. In the meantime, the first manufacturers are supporting the concept. The editors explain the background and check how well the technology works. 

Music software 
With Logic Pro X, Apple offers comprehensive and affordable software for music production. Are more expensive alternatives still worthwhile? Mac & i investigates this question and contrasts Logic Pro with competing apps such as Steinberg’s Cubase, Pro Tools from Apple, Ableton Live or Studio One from Presonus. Professionals who use the software every day in the studio also have their say. 

Your own cloud
More and more users want to regain control of their data and therefore rely on their own cloud solutions. Thanks to fast Internet connections, smart NAS systems and container services like Docker, this has never been easier. Whether sensitive data, photo collections or office tools such as calendars and addresses, Mac & i explains how it works. 

Topics are subject to change