Planned topics of issue 05/2020 – October 01

Space close: September 11, 2020

Apple’s home automation platform scores with users with privacy, security and new features. No wonder that more and more manufacturers are introducing HomeKit-enabled devices. We provide an overview of the new networked products in all categories: From routers to window sensors to surveillance cameras.

The iPhone as car key
With Apple’s new CarKey technology the car key can stay at home: In the future, cars will be able to be unlocked and started via iPhone or Apple-Watch using NFC. We show how the technology works and how it compares to the solutions developed by other car manufacturers that are already on the market.

Purchasing platforms
Bücher, DVDs und alte Apple-Geräte, die man nicht mehr braucht, kann man mit viel Mühe auf dem Flohmarkt verkaufen. Stressfreier soll das über Ankaufsplattformen gehen: Die kaufen neben gebrauchten Medien auch Macs, iPhones und iPads an und versprechen vorab, festgelegte Preise zu zahlen. Doch lohnt sich das? Die Redaktion gibt einen Überblick über die Recommerce-Anbieter und zeigt anhand von Erfahrungsberichten, was man für die alten Schätze noch bekommen kann.

3D Printing on the Mac
With a 3D printer, you can make hard-to-find parts or useful items yourself. We give Mac users complete advice on everything from choosing the right equipment and materials to the necessary programs or ready-made templates.

With the mindmap technique you can structure your thoughts, organize projects or prepare complex problems in diagrams that are easy to grasp visually. Mac & i is testing six mindmapping apps for macOS and iOS, which allow you to switch between them without any problems.


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