Planned topics of issue 03/2020 – June 04

Space close: May 11, 2020

Buying advice MacBooks
Mobile Macs are by far the most popular, and Apple is also the company that reworks them most often. But would you rather buy a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro? And with what equipment? Our advice provides guidance for new and second-hand purchases.

Action Cams/360-degree cameras
The small robust cameras, which can be mounted almost anywhere, do not miss any shot. The owner can create amazing effects with slow motion and fast motion functions. Some models even have two lenses and record 360 degree videos. Mac & i tests action cameras that work with iOS.

Hackintosh with Ryzen CPU
The components in Windows PCs are the same as in Macs – but much cheaper. No wonder that a growing community is building macOS-compatible computers from standard PC parts. Even the cheaper and more powerful Ryzen CPUs from AMD can be used in a hackintosh, although Apple itself does not use them in Macs. We will explain how the community builds such a device, which components they recommend and what such a computer is good for in practice.

Webcam alternatives
Video conferencing is booming more than ever, a good webcam is a must for FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and Co. But what is better? The one built into many Macs or an external model? Mac & i compares the image quality of Apple solutions with that of standard webcams and gives tips on how other photo and video cameras on the Mac can be used for conferences.


Topics are subject to change