Planned topics of issue 08/2020 – July 23

Space close July 06, 2020

Market overview: Backup software for hybrid environments
Nowadays, data is no longer in one place: it is distributed across bare metal servers, VMs, storage arrays and mostly external clouds. This demands a high degree of flexibility and platform independence from data protection. A market overview shows iX readers which software is capable of what.

Market overview: Agile software development
Tools in distributed retrospective teams working in distributed locations have existed not only since the Corona pandemic. Many reasons lead to cooperation at different locations. For Scrum masters, agile coaches or team leaders the question arises how to manage distributed team development. A number of tools support this. Here the focus is on the retrospective, a Scrum event. Regular reviews can also be found outside the agile world of work.

Digitization & Ethics
Digitisation has changed many areas of society, algorithmic decision-making systems and autonomous driving are associated with moral dilemmas. But what characterises good and right action and what values do companies convey with their products? The future ethics standard of the IEEE is intended to base digital products on a value strategy.

Service Management and the Cloud
The use of cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and Co. poses completely new challenges to service management. By simply requesting these services, some of them are used outside of and without the knowledge of the IT department. Service Management provides processes such as Request Fulfillment and Change Management as well as tools (e.g. discovery functions) to order, change and cancel cloud services and thus counteract shadow IT.
The article describes the challenge of cloud services (shadow IT) to service management and how their processes and tools should be used to ensure orderly and at the same time flexible operation.

Topics are subject to change