Planned topics of issue 05/2020 – April 16

Space close March 27, 2020

Market overview 

Cloud-native data warehouses 
What can cloud-native data warehouses like Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery and Azure Synapse do? How do they differ from conventional data warehouses and for whom are they suitable? The iX market overview introduces the most important representatives of this genre. 

Access control in the corporate network 
Despite all the cloud euphoria, companies still have to protect a variety of access points in their own network infrastructure and roll out the appropriate security guidelines: This starts with the access switch and extends to WLAN access points and various VPN gateways and firewalls. There are also controllers for software-defined networks – and that with a growing number of end devices.The iX sheds light on the state of the art in network access control, but also on the new “zero trust” approach. 

Container: GitLab as a one-stop dev toolchain 
GitLab Enterprise is the central point for the process of software development, auditing, enhancement, operation and monitoring. The scope of delivery of the package, which can be integrated into almost all known products and controlled via API, is impressive: In addition to the Git server, there is user administration, runner, wiki, issue tracker, Kanban board, container registry, security scanner for containers and source code, multi-cluster management and monitoring, as well as analysis of the development. iX examines whether the attempt to be everything and be able to do everything actually succeeds and where users have to adjust to cutbacks in functionality. 

Knowledge management: state of the art 
Knowledge is considered a key production factor today. Nevertheless, experts agree that this resource has hardly been used so far. Companies could expand the existing knowledge about competitive advantage. However, prerequisites are coherent concepts, good organization and usable technology. 

Netweaver: The heart of all SAP applications 
Netweaver is the basis for all SAP applications. It is the hub between the business programs and the database. The entire infrastructure for smooth operation is based on it. The complex platform is difficult for outsiders to understand. 

Topics are subject to change