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Market overview: Machine Learning Frameworks and Libraries for Python
As machine learning becomes increasingly important, more and more companies and developers are designing their own machine learning frameworks. At the same time, Python has emerged as one of the most popular languages for developing machine learning applications. The large number of tools can quickly make beginners lose track of them all. The article looks at particularly popular and relevant frameworks and libraries, as well as frameworks for interoperability and distributed training of ML models.

Containers for the cloud and more
Lean operating systems tailored for container use are particularly performant and offer little attack surface. Proven concepts in disk layout, pre-installed software, configuration and access result in a solid implementation suitable for everyday use. Red Hat, SUSE or even VMware have products on offer for this. But cloud giants like AWS or Google have also followed suit. iX takes a closer look at Amazon’s Bottlerocket, Google’s Container-optimized Operating System (COS) and Fedora’s CoreOS.

Smart cities: architectures and standards
Smart cities are characterized by smart digital services from local government – so far, these have been found primarily in infrastructure, energy supply and healthcare. The services become smart thanks to the meaningful linking of sensor data. However, different urban stakeholders need to be taken into account. iX shows how enterprise architecture management frameworks, among others, can help with implementation.

Industrial tablets
Thanks to high computing power, good networkability and convenient operation, tablets are also enjoying growing popularity for business applications. However, in industrial applications with high demands, classic consumer devices reach their physical limits. iX took a closer look at the three Rugged industrial tablets Tab A8B, G10 and K10 from Pokini and followed their use in practice at a construction yard and at HIDREX, where the tablets are used for voice output for people with disabilities.

For IT professionals, the (I)IoT tends to be one of the newer fields of application that pose entirely new challenges. Above all, the scarcity of resources on the terminal and switching devices is forcing a rethink in the design of particularly compute- and memory-intensive applications. These include databases that record measurement series, for example, as well as the sealing of data via blockchain. iX presents two approaches tailored to the IoT with Apache IoTBD and Ubirch’s Blockchain-on-a-SIM.

Software-defined storage
Cern stores more than 350 PBytes of user data on software-defined storage, which was primarily developed in-house. However, this proprietary development EOS is now not only used by other research institutions, but can also serve as a substructure for the new version of ownCloud Infinite Scale. EOS OwnCloud thus removes the need to develop scalable storage devices in-house.

iX extra “Security I”
Managed Security Services for SMEs
The risk of being hit by a cyber attack affects companies of all sizes and in all industries. However, many companies lack budget, security professionals and the security solutions, and so the need for related services is increasing. The iX Extra presents Managed Security Services in all their diversity – including market overviews of individual topics.
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