Planned topics of issue 01/2021 – Dec 17

Space close Nov 30, 2020

Market overview: AI support for security operations centers
Security Operations Centers (SOC) are an important component in the defense against cyber attacks: They bundle know-how, processes and threat information and pre-filter attacks. However, SOC experts are just as much in short supply as security experts and must be relieved. Various security tools on the basis of artificial intelligence should provide support here. The market offers a lot.

Compliance management for the cloud
With cloud services in particular, one wrong click is enough to publish all data or open the door to an attacker. If you have hundreds of servers in your own data center, thousands of clients somewhere and various services in the cloud, it is difficult to keep track of all the settings. This is where aspects such as Security Configuration Compliance (SCC), Secure Configuration Assessment (SCA), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) or, to use the latest buzzword, Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) come into play. A market overview provides an overview of the available tools.

Finally replaced: Small Business Serve
Many small and medium-sized companies still like to use Microsoft’s Small Business Server. However, the last version is from 2011 – and this year the support of the operating system and the included Exchange server expired. As an alternative, there is a combination of a Windows Server 2019 and Exchange 2019 – how administrators can best tackle the migration will be explained in the next iX.

Environmental informatics means above all:
Developing software for more sustainability. The GI anniversary conference Informatics 2020 recently showed how big this field is. It ranges from the simulation of eco or energy systems to the digital mapping and analysis of material flows and production processes to resource consumption analyzes and pollutant measurements and their evaluations. However, the increasing energy consumption of the IT itself and the possibilities of counteracting it should not be forgotten.

Empire 3
With the handover into new hands, the post-exploitation framework Empire has received a fresh boost. Its client-server architecture already allowed encrypted communication between the individual components at the time of the Empire project, and BC-Security Empire 3 has expanded to include multi-user and cloud functions.

Topics are subject to change