Planned topics of issue 02/2021 – Jan 21

Space close Jan 07, 2021

Market overview: Professional Knowledge Management
The next issue shows how companies can structure and organize their valuable knowledge in a legally compliant and data protection-compliant manner. iX explains how efficient knowledge management works and presents wiki tools for local installation that can also replace Atlassian’s Confluence – its on-premises version has been canceled in February.

Cover Story: Emotet Self-Test Guide
Security professionals spend a lot of effort trying to understand Emotet and derive protective measures. Incident response teams confirm after an incident analysis how important it would have been to implement these recommendations. However, the question of how susceptible one’s own IT is to a ransomware attack usually remains unanswered. A self-test sheds light on this and helps to plan targeted and sensible measures.

Applications for SAP’s Cloud Platform
Developers of business applications need a high level of expertise in the respective business domain, as they have to map business processes in a technical software domain. The next iX will show how to develop business applications for SAP Cloud Platform using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP).

Logging as a Service – offerings for SMEs
Modern log shippers such as Logstash and Fluent Bit bring structure to the flood of messages and clear the way for searching and analyzing large databases. If you don’t have your own server available or storage space is scarce, the cloud can step in. iX provides an introduction to logging as a service and compares five providers that are particularly interesting for SMEs.

Data analysis for network planning
Potential bottlenecks can hardly be detected and eliminated manually in complex networks. Various solutions are available for capacity planning, such as ad-hoc forecasting with Jupyter Notebook. Moreover, with Big Data methods, admins can create detailed scenarios before things pinch.

Manage Kubernetes applications with Helm
Administering containers with Kubernetes often proves difficult. The Helm package manager takes away such tasks, making it possible to define, install and keep applications up to date via Helm Charts.

Further planned contributions:
Storage: Ceph distributions
Server: Lenovo think system under test
Oracle APEX: Application Builder
SAP: S4/HANA Security
Security: Testing crypto-DNS
Security: Anti-eavesdropping devices against eavesdropping smartphones

Topics are subject to change