Planned topics of issue 07/2020 – June 25

Space close June 05, 2020

ISMS: Improve corporate security
No law can do without a reference to an information security management system (ISMS). iX 07/20 explains why its use in companies is important and shows the first steps in its introduction.

Management: Coping with crises in IT
Crisis management in IT is not the most popular topic. It costs a lot of money, but has no immediate benefit. Soft skills are particularly important for all involved. A standard of the Federal Office for Information Security provides specific instructions for corporate IT.

Security: The downside of AI
Like many things in IT security, the use of artificial intelligence has two sides. While it can help to automatically identify and combat attacks, it can also be used as an attack tool itself. The editorial team shows what can go wrong.

Supplement: Data centers and Infrastructure I/20

Energy management:
The immense power consumption of data centers is not welcome. However, there are a number of intelligent approaches and technologies to meet the constantly increasing energy demand, which have already proven themselves in practice.

Cost-optimized data center operation:
Which parameters can be adjusted – options, strategies, risks. From managed services to the tangible purchase or sale of used hardware.

Availability in crisis mode:
Video conferencing, home office and a difficult workforce – the pressure on data centers has increased enormously due to Corona. How do medium-sized IT / data center managers manage to keep their data center running?

Grounding and equipotential bonding:
In this area, even professionals often fail to get through. However, a standard-compliant grounding system is well feasible, even for the modern high-speed networks of data centers.

Topics are subject to change