Supplement in c’t, iX and Technology Review

On sale issue 1
iX-Magazin 05/20 – April 16, 20
c’t magazin 09/20 – April 11, 20
Technology Review 05/20 – April 16, 20

On sale issue 2
iX-Magazin 11/20 – Oct. 22, 20
c’t magazin 22/20 – Oct. 10, 20
Technology Review 11/20 – Oct 08, 20

Current and future topics regarding the IT and MINT (STEM) job market
will be published in about 250,000 subscription copies of the three Heise
magazines c’t, iX and Technology Review.
Our special IT & Careers has established itself as a platform for personal
image advertisements and traditional job advertisements. Twice per year,
companies present themselves in IT & Careers as attractive employers and
thus reach highly qualified experts from all relevant areas of IT and MINT
An excitingly designed company profile motivates exactly these people to
take the next step and take on a new challenge. (Technical) colleges also
have the opportunity of inspiring our readers to attend IT courses and take
advantage of training opportunities.

Issue 2:
Space close: September 09, 2020
Materials: September 11, 2020
Print run: 230,000 copies