A media rock star unpacks.

We read the following enthusiastically: “The character of strong print brands is reflected in trust, sympathy, involvement and viewability. And what about advertising? Simply part of it, say 63% of respondents about Editorial Media.

We as creators of print are of course enthusiastic advocates of printed media, but we also look to the future and have asked ourselves what makes c’t a sought-after advertising environment today. Whether as a digital, online or print medium. It’s the readers and the editors. The team, which has been educating computer enthusiasts differently since 1983, is now the largest IT editorial team in the German-speaking world with 80 editors. And the readers of c’t? The critical reporting, the demand on readers to deal with topics intensively and to help drive forward developments in the professional working environment and to be a source of ideas, still strengthens the trust of c’t fans in their magazine today and is at the same time the basis for a functioning credibility transfer.

How strongly the coveted target groups in B2B and B2C are reached is shown in the Backstage Report. And another thing that characterizes a real rock star besides passionate fans: being non-conformist and unique. Whoever is on stage can’t hide.

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