Planned topics of issue 24/2020 – November 07

Space close: October 20, 2020

The optimal PC
You can assemble your next PC with the current c’t building proposals. We give tips for assembly and advise you on the choice of processor and graphics card. The time is right: PC enthusiasts are currently benefiting from low prices for RAM and SSDs.

Audio mastering on the web
Music productions at home often suffer from bad sound. Online services offer fully automatic mastering for a few euros, which should significantly improve the sound. Our comparison shows whether the algorithms can actually compete with professional productions.

Pseudoflirts and real love
Chat and flirt websites often use fake agents who disguise themselves as members. Serious online dating sites also have their pitfalls: What does premium access really cost? And what happens if I fall in love with a “free profile”?

E-government role models
Not only in Estonia does the state tick digitally: In Denmark the tax assessment is sent automatically, the Spanish driver’s license is in an app and Austrians sign with their mobile phones. Germany can learn a lot from these pioneers.

CAD in the browser
Onshape is a full-fledged CAD program on the web. Many of the models constructed with it are freely available online. We explain how to navigate in Onshape, export STL and create technical drawings.

Topics are subject to change