Planned topics of issue 07/2020 – March 13

Guide 2020
AMD and Intel offer hundreds of processor types. We decrypt the cryptic names so that you can use our benchmarks and measured values ​​to find the right CPU for your purposes. We’ve also researched how many CPU cores modern 3D games and applications really need.

Android without Google
Android smartphones and data protection – that doesn’t go together well. Smartphones with Android work without Google, but you have to swallow toads. But there are less radical ways to keep control of your data – from rooting to locking out critical apps.

Pen-ready PDF apps for iPad
Research extensive sources, work through lecture notes, mark and summarize the most important things: With iPad, pen and a modern PDF app, it’s as fast as on paper and as structured as on a computer.

Control TVs on the network
In addition to a receiver for the IR remote control, many manufacturers install network interfaces in their smart TVs. With the right libraries, the home automation system switches on your favorite program, controls the volume or opens a media library.

Wireless Central
A handful of access points are required to distribute multiple networks in larger buildings via WLAN – for example a private one, one for guests and one for a smart home. They want to be controlled centrally, which is already possible today for little money. c’t takes a close look at the WLAN controller function of four well-known brands.

Topics are subject to change