Planned topics of issue 16/2020 – July 18

PC mainboards for Intel Core i-10000
Intel’s new processor generation Core i-10000 brings up to ten cores that clock very high. Matching mainboards with the LGA1200 socket and the Z490 chipset have faster Ethernet adapters with NBase-T, many also USB 3.2 Gen 2 with up to 20 Gigabit/s – some even in the compact Mini-ITX format.

Networking extra-fast
Gigabit Ethernet slows you down because 115 MByte/s between PC and network storage are long since too slow for video editing or backups? Multigigabit devices give you at least twice the boost without having to lay new cables.

The good thing about Windows 10
When people talk about Windows 10, they’re often talking about shortcomings in data protection and privacy. But there’s a lot of good in it that makes life easier and more secure for home users, administrators, and developers. We’ll show you how to find it.

Teaching in the Cloud
Video consultation hour at the doctor’s office Platforms such as Teleclinic and Jameda promise free video consultation hours even for those with statutory health insurance. But in which cases is the digital doctor’s appointment useful at all? And how do you redeem a prescription over the Internet? c’t explains what patients need to pay attention to.

Topics are subject to change