Planned topics of issue 02/2021 – January 02

Space close Dec 09, 2020

Technology Trends 2021
The home office will remain – but with what technology? c’t takes a look into the future of work. However other trends will become important in 2021 as well, such as security chips for PCs, Internet satellites, accessing robots, local radio in ultra-wideband and crypto currencies without power-hungry mining.

Multifunction printers for the home office
After switching to the home office, the old family printer is often no longer sufficient and an office mufu with a document feeder and fax is needed. Our test of five inexpensive ink models shows that it is better to keep your hands off some supposed bargains.

Back up your NAS
Crypto Trojans not only strike on PCs, but are increasingly taking data on the NAS hostage for ransom extortion. Find out from a real-life case how the perpetrators proceed – and how to securely configure your network storage.

Browser: When to switch
Chrome, Safari, Edge – many users get stuck with the operating system browsers. Yet alternative browsers offer many additional and convenient functions and protect privacy better. We take a closer look at nine desktop browsers and give tips for switching.

Moving from Android to iOS
There are good reasons to switch from Android to iOS: The better update supply at Apple, for example, or because you want to escape Google’s data collection. With new tricks and tried and tested methods you can master the move without accidents and with as little data loss as possible.

Topics are subject to change