Planned topics of issue 22/2020 – October 10

Space close: September 22, 2020

Dates for eternity
DVDs dissolve, hard drives break and cloud providers go bankrupt. If you want to keep your irretrievable family photos or videos safe for longer than just a few years, you cannot avoid dealing with the concepts and hardware of long-term archiving.

Harden Fritzbox
With new security functions such as WPA3 for WLAN, encrypted landline telephony and encrypted DNS queries, Fritzboxes protect privacy even better. We will show you how to activate these functions, what they can do and how you can use them in networks with other routers.

Smartphone as an emergency PC
Desktop mode allows some smartphones to be used productively like a PC. When connected to a monitor and keyboard, the mobile phone becomes an always-on PC. Huawei and Samsung want to make unplugging particularly easy with their own solutions.

Battery raw materials from Germany
Researchers have discovered an abundant source of lithium: geothermal plants in the Upper Rhine Graben wash up the globally scarce raw material for high-performance electricity storage systems with hot deep water. An opportunity for clean energy technology from Germany.

Creative painting with Krita
The free, open source painting program Krita offers professional tools to turn your PC into a digital canvas. Our tutorial shows step by step how to paint a picture based on a portrait photo.

Topics are subject to change