Planned topics of issue 12/2020 – May 23

Desinfec’t 2020
The c’t security tool Desinfec’t appears in a brand new version and has been extended with tools against emotet-attack. With these and the four anti-virus scanners from Eset, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Sophos, you can detect and eliminate Trojans in Windows.

Use Raspi as a mini-NAS
A Raspberry Pi can also be used as a network storage device for home photos, Archives videos and other data and
distributed. But the data traffic only flows really well if you select the data storage and NAS software
watch out.

Set up video chat server Jitsi optimally
With the open source software Jitsi Meet you can quickly start your own Server for video conferences. In the standard configuration, however, it is available for open to everyone, does not speak SIP and the frontend looks like a demo site.
With a few simple steps you can adapt Jitsi to your needs.

Produce music with DAWs up to 100 Euro
With a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), complete songs can be recorded on Producing computers. We compare how well you can do with six cheap Beginner programs compose, record, arrange, mix and mastering.

Publish books yourself
Thanks to self-publishing, you can publish a book without having to Publishers to clean door handles. But to the author, publisher and markete in personal union there is still some waiting after the last typed line
Work and pitfalls.

Topics are subject to change